What is Varmam?

Varmam is a status in which the vital energy or the prana or the vasi spread throughout the body in all its systems including the flesh, bone, skin etc,. also without any huddles.

“Udaluyir nadi thannil unthidum vasiyatham

Oonudal maruviye oodadum nilaye varmam”

(Varma chara nool  7/16)

“Kanuhintra kesathi pathamengum

Kathiththodum Vasi nilai varmamache”

Vahada  nithanam – 500

The word VARMAM

“Varmam” is otherwise called as “Marmam”, because its activities are like a mistry. “Marmam” is having a single meaning as ‘Secret’.  But, the word “Varmam” is an artistic term with  multiple meanings. According to Varma Vithi, the term Varmam is derived from the word ‘Vanmam’.  In Kamparamayanam, in Yuthakandam – killing of Athikayan, there comes the description of the killing of Unmathan a soldier of the giant army,  being killed by Neelan , a soldier of the monkey army as follows.

“Unmathan vayiramarbin urum oththakaram centuttra

          Vanmathai kandum veelntha mathamathaththa malayai parthum”

Due to the punching of Neelan with his strong thunder like fist  on Unmathan’s chest,  the mountain like body of Unmathan fell down dead.  The word “Vanmai” (strong) might have changed to “Vanmam (malice)  which in turn converted to “Varmam”.  (malice-Varmam – Ezek. 25-6.15;Holy Bible)

Other Names of Varmam

Varmam is also called by other names.  They are:

  1. Vanmam                   3.   Adakkam
  2. Kalam             4.   Sootcham
  3. Marmam        8.  Amirtha Nilai
  4. Emum            9.  Vasi Thanam
  5. Eedu               10.  Charam

1. Vanmam :

Vamam means hitting strongly.   Since it is a method attacking with a specific stepping method (chuvadu murai) this name might have been given.

2. Kalam :

Few varmam occurs only in a particular  time.  So such Varmam is known as kalam.

3. Adakkam : 

When a Varma injury occurs at specific places, the Prana or Vasi which is the flow of the vital energy will be concentrated to certain points.  Such places are called as Adakkam.

4. Sootcham:

Since Varmam denotes specific acute points this name sootcham was given. (sootcham –minute, concentrated,formula )

5. Marmam:

The word Marmam was given since those points are hidden and concealed.  Vasi the unseen vital energy is rich  in these areas, and so the name might have been given.

6. Emum:

“Emum” means protection.  To protect from the enemies these places are used, so this name must be given.

7. Eedu :

With immature minds this is made equivalent to ordinary fighting techniques., so it is called as Eedu. This is a technique made equivalent to any technique to cure diseases and this name was given.

8. Amirtha Nilai:

Amirtha patcham and poorva patcham the revolution of the moon is related to the Amirtha Nilai, which is the vital circulation.  So this name might be given.

9. Vasi thanam:

‘All Varmam spots are Vasi spots’.   Which all places that Vasi stands those places are the Varma spots.

10. Charam :

Varmam is also called as Charam. Charam also is called by  various names:

  1. Vayu                                      10.  Athma
  2. Uyir                                       11.  Param
  3. Vasi                                       12.  Swasam
  4. Jeevan                                   13.  Moochu
  5. Puravi                                    14.  Parama siva ananda avi
  6. Kalan                                     15.  Parasitta asaivu
  7. Pranan                                   16.  Varmam
  8. Prakasa kattu                         17.  Prahasa aruvi
  9. Arivu

Thanks Dr. Kannan Rajaram – Kanyakumari